The Ultimate Melrose Place-Inspired Workout Wardrobe

 Lately, I am obsessed with Melrose Place, the mid-90s nighttime soap that gave us a (probably inaccurate) glimpse into the lives of West Hollywood's most beautiful neighbors ever. No special reason, other than an abiding love for Clinton era culture and Michael Mancini’s speedy evolution from devoted husband to villainous adulterer between seasons 1 and 2. But MP is not all power suits and incestuous love triangles. There’s also incredible fashion to be found at 4616 Melrose Ave., fashion for those who lean casual and those of the more glam persuasion, fashion for Matt and Amanda and everyone in between. One might go so far as to say that this Aaron Spelling-produced masterpiece is nothing more (or less) than a small-screen think piece on the relationship between clothes and personality in Gen X Los Angeles. But that’s a dissertation for another time.

If you want to live the Melrose life as much as I do, then you absolutely must start with your workout wardrobe. Think pastel shades mixed with bright white and Day-Glo pops, sporty stripes and big logos. Sneakers should be of the high-top persuasion and shorts nice 'n roomy. Terry cloth sweat bands will look right at home in Rhonda's dance class. Prefer to swim laps around Jack Hanson? Do it in style with a high-cut, zip-up one-piece. Herewith, all the best new arrivals in active fashion with an MP twist, Billy Campbell not included.

Above, from left:

  • Ballet Beautiful leotard, $65
  • Reebok Freestyle Hi Fitness sneaker, $70
  • InnoLife terry clotoh headbands, $10
  • Vintage '90s sunglasses, $23
  • Live the Process sports bra, $165
  • P.E Nation bike shorts, $100
  • Patagonia belt bag, $29
  • Lisa Marie Fernandez swimsuit, $370
  • P.E Nation sports bra, $100
  • Lucas Hugh short, $225