The 2016 T&F Holiday Gift Guide

Tired of giving & receiving the same ol' #athleisure gifts? Black yoga pants got you down? Have you already begged Santa Claus to 86 the Pure Barre gift card? Chill. If there's one thing I'm good at it's a backbend. If I'm good at two things, then the other is bending over backward to find great Christmas gifts.

This year, treat your loved ones to weird and wonderful statement pieces that will make a trip to the gym feel special. Nothing on my list below is necessary, and that's what makes each item awesome. Example: Your rose-guzzling bestie doesn't already own rose-colored sneakers, but she should. Be a hero. 2016 is almost over, optimism is in, and frivolity is the answer. Happy shopping, and don't forget to #sweatelegantly.

Rag + Bone's lamb shearling baseball cap combines normcore utility with pure luxury. Whether you actually wear this while you work out or just to and from the gym, you will look incredible chic (and cozy as a mouse in a sock) while doing so. Give this to your running buddy. Intermix, $225

Rose wine has redefined how we drink in the summer, and now it is changing the sneaker game to boot. Created in collaboration with BANDIER, the rose gold Air Max Thea SE looks as good as a crisp glass of Whispering Angel minus the calories and the hangover. Give these to your sneaker-loving little sister. Nike, $115

Let's be clear: No one needs skates. Unless you are a full-time derby girl or live in Santa Monica in 1992, you probably don't think about inline skating too often. BUT. What if you had a pair of Rollerblade's MAXXUM 90? What if lacing up and shredding wasn't just some '80s nostalgia but could happen right now? Give these to your most fearless friend. Rollerblade, $279

In true Gwyneth form, GOOP's collab with Juice Beauty is an overpriced must-have for the smug, enlightened girl-who-has-everything. Still, one can't help but want all of it, and with the brand's new 4-piece Glow Kit, one can for a (relative) song. Give this to your bestie who spends as much time in the locker room as she does in the weight room. GOOP, $185

Cannot believe I'm saying this, but Abercrombie & Fitch's active collection is a study in class. Where other brands pile on the drama, A&F gives us classic, mostly-unadulterated college-inspired separates. This duffel bag would look particularly nice with everything you already own. Give it to the most high-maintenance person in your squad. Abercrombie & Fitch, $38.40

Have you ever tried to meditate or Zen out at home--and then fallen asleep? Avoid third-degree burns or worse by stocking your home altar with fire-proof LED votives and pillar candles that come with--no kidding here--charging stations and remote controls. Give these to your most blissed-out bestie. Clay & Cotton, $35+

Sensory deprivation tanks are nothing new, but since Eleven took one to the Upside Down in Stranger Things, float tanks are everywhere. I can't think of anything worse than feeling nothing but my own brainwaves for 90 minutes, but pros say these womb-like pods are game-changers. Give a float session to the man in your life who most needs to chill. Float STL, $65+

Dirty Lemon is the juice cleanse to try right now--it's getting press everywhere, and its striped bottles are Instagram like-bait. Packed with yumminess like fish collagen, charcoal, and magnesium, these one-a-day elixirs promise everything from better sleep to healthy hair to more IG followers. Dirty Lemon, $65

When I die, I hope to go to Hammacher Schlemmer. Until then, I hope my loved ones treat me to health-affirming contraptions like The World's Smartest Food Scale, a 4-in-1 platform that holds the nutritional value of over 650,000 foods & dishes and syncs to your smartphone or tablet. Give this to your mom, but in a nice way. Hammacher Schlemmer, $120

Ralph Lauren's new Collection fragrances were inspired by his favorite places, and while we'd love to visit Telluride, Paris, and the Sahara right this instant, we can't. Second best: the Lime scent, a blend of citrus, lavender and bergamot, to pep you up for a serious workout. Give this to yourself. You earned it. Ralph Lauren, $240